About Shanti

Shanti – the art of massage with a millennial history.

Mission: we are committed to helping you achieve the state of peace, happiness and bliss.

Philosophy: we acquaint people with an ancient science of life and longevity – Ayurveda.

A combination of individually selected recommendations and the ecological approach transform people's lives for the better, improve their quality and life expectancy.

We attach great importance to comprehensive preventive measures to improve the quality of life and human health.

Our customers can be assured of an individual approach to each of them.

At Shanti, we have a rule of the “one and only client”. This rule applies to each client and allows disconnecting from the outside world in the atmosphere affecting all five senses (seeing, touch, hearing, taste and smell) and enjoying the relaxation in the atmosphere of peace and serenity.

Руководящий состав
  • Лариса Бондаренко

    Лариса Бондаренко

    Лариса Бондаренко - основатель Аюрведического центра Shanti, идейный лидер, автор миссии центра, основанной на концепции “служения людям”. Лариса человек, который вдохнул жизнь в уникальный проект индийского массажного центра, руководитель, который воодушевляет на саморазвитие, друг, к которому можно обратиться за помощью и советом. Она счастливая жена и мать троих детей.

    “Уже более 12 лет назад я начала интересоваться естественными способами исцеления, которые направлены не на облегчение симптомов, но на глубокую проработку причин появления болезни. Я искала метод, который позволит лечиться за счет ресурсов организма и натуральных средств. Так я познакомилась с Аюрведой. В 2010 году я три месяца путешествовала по Индии, где убедилась на практике в эффективности принципов Аюрведы, встретила духовных учителей и талантливых докторов, которые помогли мне восстановить внутренний баланс. Вернувшись в Украину у меня родился проект Аюрведического центра Shanti.”

    Лариса посадила маленькое зерно Shanti в центре любимой Одессы, делясь с миром знаниями об Аюрведе.  Она подобрала лучшую “почву” для молодого проекта - сердца единомышленников, которые поддержали идею служения людям. Все вместе они создали идеальные условия для роста и процветания Shanti. Социальный проект развился в мощное дерево - Аюрведический центр Shanti, которое дает свои плоды: дарит радость и здоровье людям.  

  • Elena Gvozdeva

    Elena Gvozdeva

    Elena Gvozdeva is a manager. Area of Elena’s responsibility as a manager involves improving Shanti’s operation. She is in charge of document flow, records, corporate etiquette, control over the quality of services, enhancing their quality, feedback analysis, order, creation of the environment, etc. Among her personal qualities are organizational abilities, willpower, commitment, attention to detail, an inquisitive mind, curiosity and openness to everything new. Lenasays that cooperation with Shanti has benefited both sides:she has become much calmer and her life has changed for the better. She is a vegetarian and a supporter of a healthy lifestyle. Elena’s dream was to have a job that would not only bring her income, but would also be useful to the society; a soul acquires experience, alternating ups and downs, and to support people at the time is Elena’s vocation that has become a reality. Elena’s hobbies include looking for interesting recipes and selectingindividual nutrition for people. Choreography is a recent craze which she finds very exciting, as well as morning and evening practice of cleansing, which is a 30-minute meditation SahajMarg (translated from Hindi, “a simple, natural way,” a form of Raja Yoga meditation on the heart). His favorite procedure is Swedana for the purity of feelings and a sense of renewal and yoga massage - for the state during the massage and afterwards. She prefers sesame oil, Triphala, Twardowskaya cosmetics. Elena is sure that her goal is to transfer the message from Shanti to people, to bring the maximum information about Ayurveda to the society and thus make people's lives better and more fulfilling.

  • Tatyana Budnik

    Tatyana Budnik

    Tatyana Budnik is the Head of Shanti Yoga and the Head of the project Shanti Dom. She began her journey to yoga in 2004 with the seminars of Andrey Sidersky, Eduard Zharuk, Vyacheslav Smirnov, Vyacheslav Gutsaluk. Tatyana is acquainted with approaches of working with the body - Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, ways of accumulating and transforming energy - qigong (Syoui Mintana’s student), and she is initiated into the first step of Reiki. Tatyana practices managing attention with the help of Kundalini Yoga, Kriya Yoga and Nada Yoga. She had internship and training at the Patanjali Yogpeeth clinic with Ayurveda devotee - Ram Devbaba, in Haridwar, India. “Ayurveda for me is an ancient science of a healthy long life, in which the main factor of well-being is the unity of the body, sense organs and movement, mind and soul.” Tatyana is convinced that a happy and successful life is inseparable from spirituality and an ecological approach to life. “A truly happy person cannot be alone. You can only be happy in the community of happy people. My mission is to help people to find their own way, to establish a connection with their true selves. Besides yoga and meditation in my daily practice, I also use the knowledge of the Human Design. Human Design is a system of self-discovery which is fundamentally different from all existing in the world practices. It gives the opportunity to see a map of your particular “I” and it offers you simple tools to be yourselves and to reduce the resistance in your movement in life.”

  • Svetlana Yurchenko

    Svetlana Yurchenko

    Svetlana Yurchenko is a financial director. She is a highly qualified specialist with a 15-year experience in the financial sector. Svetlana has a degree in economics and extensive experience in budget planning, accounting and distribution of the company's financial assets. It was good luck that brought her to Shanti. “I think it's time to change something in my life.” Svetlana has a creative approach to everything, and aims to find interesting solutions for any tasks. She sees her mission in honest fulfillment of her obligations towards others. “Meticulously made calculations, thoroughly developed system make it possible to effectively manage the processes. I am glad that my work helps us make right decisions and achieve our goals.”

  • Oksana Mironenko

    Oksana Mironenko

    Oksana Mironenko is the Head of the Department of Spa Procedures, a master of Ayurvedic procedures. She has been with Shanti from the very foundation of the center. Oksana has competed courses Abhyanga and Marma Massage from Ayurveda renowned doctor Swarup Verma. She studied the basics of Ayurvedic massage in the center of Vedic medicine Rasayana in Kiev. In December 2014, she completed Abhyanga and Shiroboyanga courses in Laboratoires Ineldea, and in April 2015 she studied Ratna Abhyanga and Udvartana massages in the same center. In 2017 she studied “Theoretical and Practical Course on Ayurveda and Herbology” in Jaipur, India. Oksana is a vegetarian who practices yoga and a healthy way of life, and she says that serving people is her calling. Massage for her is meeting God in every person.

  • Nune Belik

    Nune Belik

    Nune Belik is a master of Ayurvedic treatments. She has medical education and extensive experience of work in hospitals. In 2014 Nune completed a basic course of classical massage in the European training center Profmed (Odessa). In 2015 she passed a course in Massage Therapy (TC Profmed, Odessa). In 2016, she mastered Ayurveda technique Abhyanga, Shirobyanga in the French-Ukrainian training center Laboratoires Ineldea. In 2017, she studied Theory and Practice of Thai postpartum abdominal massage. The concept of Shanti always resonates with Nune because she sees its mission in serving and helping people to care about their health. “It is very interesting for me to combine the knowledge of the traditional medicine and ancient Indian health secrets. After all, the truth is actually one. The harmony of body and soul is the best prevention of any disease. This is what Ayurveda teaches us.

  • Gennady Kozmidi

    Gennady Kozmidi

    Gennady Kozmidi is a master of musical communications. He is also a musician, an arranger, a composer, a storyteller and a happy man. According to Gennady, he is part of the “solution” that connects the bricks of Shanti space. Gennady conducts sessions of musical improvisation - individual, pair and group, for adults and children. In ten minutes of interaction with Gena, you can create a mini-orchestra from ethnic instruments to the accompaniment of personally created tracks. “Our body is the musical instrument of the universe. A voice is its natural sound. Each person has his own song. Get rid of embarrassment and uncertainty - discover the power and strength of your voice.”

  • Alena Nesterenko

    Alena Nesterenko

    Alena Nesterenko is a master of Ayurvedic procedures. She came to Shanti responding to the call of her heart because the concept of serving and helping people appeals to her. Alena has been practicing hatha yoga since 2007 and she is interested in bodily-oriented practices. She is a participant of various spiritual seminars and international forums. In 2014, she completed a Vipassana meditation course as taught by S. N. Goenka. In the recent few years she has been fond of contact improvisation and playback-theater; it helps her to hear herself and find a delicate interaction with the surrounding world. In 2015 and 2016, Alena completed the basic course of Ayurvedic massage and learned the art of Ratna Abhyanga (stone massage) in the S. Tvardovska’s Massage School (Kiev). She completed a course Abhyanga, Shirobyanga, Champi Massage at the French-Ukrainian training center “Laboratoires Ineldea”. Having combined body knowledge and aromatherapy, she developed her own massage Aroma Antistress. Massage for Alena is a dance of love, a dance of energies; it is a language without words.

  • Andrey Chutchenko

    Andrey Chutchenko

    Andrey Chutchenko is a master of sound therapy, a multi-instrumentalist. He is an author and presenter of the educational course Practical Therapy with Tibetan Singing Bowls and Sound Healing. Andrey's method is a uniquely created synthesis of his own experience and practice; he combines work with the body with the sounds and vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls which bring peace and healing. Andrey is a master of playing various instruments that have various influence of the human mind: Tibetan singing bowls, Tibetan bells Tin Ksha, Valdai bells, Bilo (pre-Christian bells), Vargan, Khang, Didgeridu. He has been practicing Yoga sound (Nada yoga) for over 10 years. Andrey practices nada massage and owns a unique collection of Tibetan singing bowls. He received initiation from Mahayoga Pylot Baba Ji (Himalayan yoga line). For three years, he studied the skills of working with Tibetan singing bowls from Nepalese masters Santa Shakia and Sri Krishna, the founders of the International School Singing Bowl Center, Klangschalen-Zentrum in Nepal. He knows how to immerse you in a serene state with the help of healing sounds and vibrations, which allow you to restore the body on all the levels: physical, mental, spiritual. Andrey creates sets of bowls for individual practice and therapeutic work. He studied Su-Jok therapy with the founder of the Pak Jae Woo method, studying and practicing the physical and metaphysical work of points on the human body. He was trained at the school of Sri Swami Bodhi Talib (P.V. Starikh) specializing in bioenergetics and bioenergetic technology. He also studied various methods of work with the body and mind: Tanatotherapy and bodily-oriented practices, Holotropic breathing, Rebirthing, Vividation, Shaman techniques, Deep Immersion Practices, Craniosacral Therapy, Osteopathy.

  • Marina Kapustina

    Marina Kapustina

    Marina Kapustina is a master of sound therapy. In 2011, while in India, she attended a workshop on working with singing bowls. “Being interested in body-oriented therapy as a professional psychologist, I realized that this ancient technique of working with the body has enormous depth and the range of its action goes beyond the body.” She started practicing the technique in 2013. “It is wonderful to hear how the human body responds to the sound, how the sound and vibration of the singing cup promote healing,” says Marina. In 2015-2016, the master continued her education when she got acquainted with Maxim Kiselevsky and his project of bell ringing music “Mirazvon”. This project has been studying the healing effect of sound on the body and mind for more than ten years. Today, "Mirozvon" gives absolutely unique concerts. “World healing chimes” is relaxation and sound resonance therapy. “I have been looking for a Teacher who will be the carrier of that innermost knowledge that is transmitted from Master to Student in Tibet. I am immensely grateful to Maxim Kiselevsky for the true knowledge and guidance in teaching the healing technique with singing bowls!”

  • Victoria Payanova

    Victoria Payanova

    Victoria Payanova is a master of Ayurvedic treatments. Victoria has been studying massage techniques since 1994. In the beginning she studied classical massage course with Professor A. E. Shterenger. In 2012, she passed theory and practice on the course Shirodhara and Abhyanga at the Global Hospital, Department of Ayurveda at Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University, India (Rajasthan). In 2014, she mastered the basic course Ayurveda of spa treatments (Abhyanga, Abhisek, Udvartana, Marma massage) in S. Tvardovska’s Ayurvedic center, Zhitomir. In 2014-2015 she studied at the French-Ukrainian training center «Laboratoires Ineldea» on the following techniques: Introduction to the Hawaiian practice, Working with Relevant Areas in the Egyptian Massage, Psychosomatic Face and Head Massage, Thai Massage Technique on a Massage Table. In 2015, Victoria received a diploma for “Art and Style” at the Festival of professional massage. Ayurveda plays a huge role in Victoria's life. She has been a vegan for 18 years, and she attended a course of hunger therapy at Odessa Medical University. Knowledge of the use of different spices and ayurvedic drugs help her to remain in harmony with herself and the world. Victoria has been practicing Raja Yoga since 1999 and currently she is a student at Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University. “My mission to help others see the inner light of the soul, become healthy and happy.”

  • Elena Levenets

    Elena Levenets

    Elena Levenets is a master of massage. In Shanti Elena performs a relaxing treatment for body and soul - Massage with brushes, as well as her own Individual therapy, where the master helps a person to establish contact with the subconscious, thus identifying and correcting true causes of events that occurred in the past and affect the present. Elena is a practicing psychologist, a body-oriented therapist (biodynamic approach); she has a medical and psychological degree and uses Dr. Valery Sinelnikov’s method. She is an expert in working with metaphorical-associative cards. In Shanti Spa Elena also conducts thematic seminars “Getting to Know Yourself”. About her vocation, she says: “I never impose my own ideas at trainings and consultations; I just share my experience, leaving the right to everyone to live their own lives. There are complicated, traumatic situations (shocks), when it is important to have a safe person nearby who has accepted, listened without judgments and instructions. I have had such situations in my life and I am grateful to all the people who were with me. I can be such a safe person for someone who needs it and help this person find answers to his questions, unraveling life problems.”

  • Ekaterina Golubinskaya

    Ekaterina Golubinskaya

    Ekaterina Golubinskaya is a master of Mehendi. A psychologist by education, before joining Shanti Spa, Ekaterina worked with people in various fields: from group psychotherapy to improvisational theater. Inspired by Shanti's approach, Katerina became a Master. While practicing various spiritual and creative practices, Katerina got acquainted with the art of Mehendi several years ago from a practicing master and now Head of the School of Sacred Mehendi in the city of Dnepr. Mehendi for Katerina is practice, part of the Way, the opportunity to be in the flow and let through the light. It means connecting with the client on the level of subtle energies and the embodiment of them in the form of a picture. This is an opportunity for a ministry that she gratefully accepts. Mehendi, sacral drawings on the body with natural henna, came to us from the Indian ritual tradition. It is is a deep spiritual practice of healing. During the session, master of Mehendi works with the client's request and the embodiment of his desired state, dreams and ideas in the form of Mehendi. The drawing is always unique, like the client and his request, which excludes drawing by pattern or templates. This is much more than a “temporary tattoo”.

  • Таисия Омельченко

    Таисия Омельченко

    Таисия Омельченко - мастер славянских целительных практик в потоке Живы, энергоцелитель. 
    Таисия закончила обучение в школе массажа “Sea-Gull”. Обладатель сертификатов по Живе и космоэнергетике от школы духовного развития “Феникс” (2014). Освоила обертывание и работу с аппликаторами по авторской методике Ляпко Н.Г.
    Профессионально владеет техниками аюрведического массажа, искусством классического, антицеллюлитного, баночного и медового, оздоровительного массажа по авторской методологии, расслабляющего массажа, оздоравливающего комплекса по методу Костюченко Н.С, что включает в себя фитотерапию, общий массаж и запуск энергопотоков.
    Таисия убеждена: “Философия и дух Шанти очень созвучны мне. Моя миссия - помогать людям, нести благо и радость миру. Мой девиз - делайте то, во что верите, и верьте в то, что делаете. Все остальное - пустая трата энергии и времени”.

  • Юлия Шепелева

    Юлия Шепелева

    Юлия Шепелева - ароматерапевт, мастер по изготовлению ЭКОкосметики, аромапсихолог, астролог.
    Юлия, имея высшее экономическое образование, решила пойти по зову сердца и поступить на медицинский факультет, кафедру психологии. “Мой путь к естественной медицине и ароматерапии начался с первой беременностью (2007 год), хотя с детства знала, что хочу быть врачом и помогать людям”.

    С 2008 года занимается частными ароматерапевтическими практиками и астрологическим консультированием, производит косметические средства. Автор несколько программ, среди которых «Чакротерапия», «ЭКОкосметология: естественный уход и изготовление косметических средств», курс по основам ароматерапии и натуральной парфюмерии, индивидуальные программы по подбору и созданию косметики, ароматерапевтических духов, лечебно-профилактических препаратов, подбор лечебных мер и др.

    Обладатель многих сертификатов, член клуба «Психология 3000», прошла обучение на курсах ароматерапии и аромакосметики К.Хадека; астрологической ароматерапии по Патрисии Дэвис; традиционной аюрведы по дошам и аюрведической диетологии (аюрведическая школа О. Г. Торсунова, Р. Игошин) и многих других. Также Юля пишет книгу о ароматерапии. Считает: “Моя работа - лучшая на свете, потому что я могу быть полезной людям и делать мир прекрасней, а людей - красивей и счастливей”.

  • Наталья Михальченко

    Наталья Михальченко

    Наталья Михальченко – мастер массажа и аюрведических процедур.
    Наталья познакомилась с Аюрведой в Одессе еще в 2010 году. Под руководством доктора Сатиш Кумара (ведачарья) освоила базовые аюрведические процедуры, а также технику Панчакармы. И уже через год посетила Индию, где закрепила знания в области Аюрведы, а также практики йоги и сакрального рисунка Мехенди.
    Специальность психолога Наталья получила в Академии сферы социальных отношений (АССО) по специальности Психология, город Москва.
    В 2013 году прошла обучение по курсу Аппаратная и классическая косметология, в центре “Космо-Трейд”, город Киев. Там же освоила программу “Основы медицинских знаний”. 
    Наш новый мастер более восьми лет профессионально занимается массажами, СПА услугами, в том числе лечебным обертыванием. 
    После тесного знакомства со сферой косметологии, пришла к выводу, что здоровье духовное и физическое неотделимы друг от друга. Для того чтобы иметь здоровую кожу, надо вести здоровый образ жизни. Наталья постоянно углубляет знания в области Аюрведы и практикует холистический подход в вопросах красоты и здоровья. 
    Наталья вместе с маленькой дочкой практикует йогу, потому что уверена - только собственным примером можно помочь кому-либо стать здоровым и счастливым.
    Наталья любит людей, а массажное искусство считает одним из проявлений заботы о каждом госте и поэтому отдается своему делу всей душой. 
    Свой приход в Аюрведический центр Шанти считает проявлением Высшей Воли.

  • Olga Lyubetskaya

    Olga Lyubetskaya

    Olga Lyubetskaya is a specialist in Ayurveda. She has a higher medical degree as a general physician and work experience in classical medicine for 21 years. She has been a practicing family doctor since 2006. In 2011, Olga got a certificate for the successful completion of the course Fundamentals of Ayurvedic Medicine at Kiev Medical University (UAMN) . In 2014, she got a certificate for the training Diagnosis by the method of “VedaPulse” (Moscow, 2014) and in 2015, Olga attended the course of the Tridosha-Vijnana (the doctrine of the three doshas) in Moscow. Our specialist systematically improves her skills participating in webinars on the topics: Nutrition from the Position of Ayurveda; Introduction to Aromatherapy; Modern Pulse Diagnostics is Sacral Knowledge Available to Everyone; Fundamentals of Spectral Analysis of the Heart Rhythm; On the Need for the Synthesis of Ayurveda and Modern Medicine. Olga believes that thanks to Ayurveda, she has new goals and horizons, she is happy to study this ancient science to this day: ‘I really love yoga, do it on my own, respect the culture and traditions of India, I dream of visiting this country. I study literature, attend lectures and adhere to all the necessary recommendations: I use rasayana, chyawanprash, triphala and spices to harmonize doshas. ​​I love Indian cuisine. “

  • Valeriy Puzik

    Valeriy Puzik

    Valeriy Puzik is the chef at Shanti Food. He is a master of culinary art with work experience of 45 years, including thirty years in the Navy, traveling, studying the cuisine and culture of different countries. Our chef says that it's never too late to learn: in the 70s, Valeriy graduated from the Technical School of Food Industry in Odessa, in 2000, the Higher International Courses of Chefs in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and then countless other seminars and workshops. Valeriy worked as a chef in many iconic restaurants in Odessa: the legendary Fidel, everybody’s favorite Kumanets, the Italian restaurant Punchinello. Our chef also developed a menu for the restaurant Gardens of Victory that confirms his expertise in culinary arts. Valeriy connects several generations of gastronomy, he is not afraid to experiment, finding new combinations of ingredients and flavors. He has always been into sports and tracked how nutrition affects a person's well-being. Back in the 80s, working as a cook on the ship, Valeriy was engaged in hatha yoga and researched the possibilities of his body. When Valeriy came to Shanti, he began a new stage in his life; the chef changed his diet, lost 15 kg of weight and now lives life to the fullest. “Developing new dishes using Ayurvedic recipes, I want to captivate as many people as possible with the idea of vegetarian food. I appreciate Shanti for its strong spirit and friendly atmosphere. Here, each person has self-discipline, a common behavioral etiquette and the right approach to life. Ayurveda is the universal complex system, created by man for man. Everyone should come to their own understanding and find their own niche in this system.”

  • Vladislava Neymiller

    Vladislava Neymiller

    Vladislava Neymiller is an accountant. Ayurveda for her is a harmonious, healthy, beautiful, right and conscious life. This is what Vlada says about coming to Shanti: “Shanti appeared in my life unexpectedly, not too early and too late, but right on time.” For her, this center is a favorite job, self-realization, development and communication. Vlada loves people, sees and respects God in every person.

Преподаватели йоги
  • Irina Poprotskaya

    Irina Poprotskaya

    Irina Poprotskaya is a teacher of Kundalini yoga, a transpersonal psychologist, a facilitator of holotropic breathing, a specialist in unusual states of consciousness. She is the author and presenter of the seminars Circle of Women’s Power. She is also a happy wife and mother of three children. In 15 years of practice, she had a repeated deep sacred experiences and awakenings of Kundalini. She studied at the international school Amrit Nam Sarovar under the leadership of Map Singh (France). She was trained at such world-famous Kundalini Yoga Masters as Gurudass Kaur, Kharijivan Singh, Hari Naam Kaur, Shiv Charan Singh. She is initiated and her spiritual name Sat Pavan Kaur. In Shanti Irina conducts Kundalini Yoga course, as well as thematic seminars.

  • Maria Fandeeva

    Maria Fandeeva

    Maria Fandeeva is a teacher of hatha yoga and perinatal yoga. She is a holder of the Ashtanga Yoga Center certificate of the Center Yoga108 in Moscow, as well as a holder of the International Yoga Federation certificate. For a long time she practiced hatha yoga in Moscow. Maria attended trainings and seminars of the leading domestic and western teachers: M. Konstantinov, I. Zhuravlev, M. Baranov, A. Lappa, A. Sidersky, Liliana Mutovina, as well as Lino Miele (Italy), David Svenson (USA), Mark and Joan Derby (Canada), Petri Rasyanen (Finland), Chris Chavez (USA), Bal Mukund Singh (India), Reinhardt Gammenthaller (Switzerland), R. Sharat Joyce (guardian of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga tradition, India). Since 2008 Maria has been studying at the Vivekananda Institute of Yoga Therapy under the direction of Dr. M. Madavan (tradition of Swami Sivananda School) in the disciplines: Shatkarma, Asana, Pranayama and Yoga Philosophy. She has been conducting seminars and specialized methodical courses in India since 2009.

  • Tatyana Budnik

    Tatyana Budnik

    Tatyana Budnik is the Head of Shanti Yoga and the Head of the project Shanti Dom. She began her journey to yoga in 2004 with the seminars of Andrey Sidersky, Eduard Zharuk, Vyacheslav Smirnov, Vyacheslav Gutsaluk. Tatyana is acquainted with approaches of working with the body - Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, ways of accumulating and transforming energy - qigong (Syoui Mintana’s student), and she is initiated into the first step of Reiki. Tatyana practices managing attention with the help of Kundalini Yoga, Kriya Yoga and Nada Yoga. She had internship and training at the Patanjali Yogpeeth clinic with Ayurveda devotee - Ram Devbaba, in Haridwar, India. “Ayurveda for me is an ancient science of a healthy long life, in which the main factor of well-being is the unity of the body, sense organs and movement, mind and soul.” Tatyana is convinced that a happy and successful life is inseparable from spirituality and an ecological approach to life. “A truly happy person cannot be alone. You can only be happy in the community of happy people. My mission is to help people to find their own way, to establish a connection with their true selves. Besides yoga and meditation in my daily practice, I also use the knowledge of the Human Design. Human Design is a system of self-discovery which is fundamentally different from all existing in the world practices. It gives the opportunity to see a map of your particular “I” and it offers you simple tools to be yourselves and to reduce the resistance in your movement in life.”

  • Максим Коваленко

    Максим Коваленко

    Максим стоял у истоков йоговского движения Одессы.
    Его личная практика составляет более двадцати лет, опыт преподавания - пятнадцать лет.
    Максим одним из первых в нашем городе начал продвигать направление «Йога в фитнес-клубах премиум класса».
    При его содействии была организована Федерация Йоги Юга Украины, на базе которой он успешно проводит обучение инструкторов.
    За три года выпущено более шестидесяти человек, большинство из которых сегодня активно преподают знания о возможностях человеческого тела.
    Максим имеет четвертый уровень аттестации по направлению Цигун в Межрегиональной Федерации Илицюань. С 2012 года получает духовные знания у Ламы Сонам Дордже.
    В пространстве Shanti Максимом Коваленко преподает хатха-йогу и суставную гимнастику.

  • Дария Краснова (Moksha)

    Дария Краснова (Moksha)

    Дария занимается хатха-йогой четырнадцать лет, семнадцать лет придерживается вегетарианской диеты. 
    Начинала осваивать практику йоги под руководством Ярослава Саргюнаса. 
    Участница многих международных фестивалей и семинаров. Училась у гуру йоги в Украине и Индии. 
    О своей практике Дария говорит так: 
    «В йоге для меня главное - это СОСТОЯНИЕ. 
    Очень большое внимание я уделяю дыханию и пранаямам. 
    Во время занятий важно, чтобы вместе с концентрацией внимания на теле, приходило расслабление сознания и успокоение ума».
    Практика с прекрасной Дарией Moksha очень гармонична и последовательна - это поток света и любви. 

  • Irina Khachaturyan

    Irina Khachaturyan

    Практикует йогу более 8 лет. Вначале это была работа исключительно над собой, достигнув определенного уровня и получив опыт, поняла, что есть чем поделиться. 
    Прошла обучение от Федерации Йоги Юга Украины - изучила основы йоги, аюрведы, анатомии, структурной гимнастики, асаны в традиции йоги, пранаяма, медитации.
    Практикует Сахадж Марг (в переводе с хинди — «Простой, естественный путь») — форма Раджа-Йоги, система медитации на сердце.
    Прошла практический курс по изучению и применению авторской методики «Духовная интеграционика» от кандидата психологических наук и член Общероссийской Профессиональной Психотерапевтической Лиги Константин Довлатов.
    «Для меня йога - это способ обуздание ума через тело, это путь к Богу, к себе. Великие пророки и священные книги утверждают, что каждый из нас подобен Богу, и что именно человек является единственным творцом своей жизни».

  • Irina Petrovich

    Irina Petrovich

    Irina Petrovich is an administrator. Once, in a yoga class, Irina learned about Shanti as a place where people change for the better. After a while, she became its integral part. She first got acquainted with Ayurveda in India, and now she cannot imagine her life without its constant attributes - spices, masala tea and dishes of Vedic cuisine. She considers it her merit not to take offense at people; she really likes to create a warm, comfortable environment for everybody. ‘For me, Shanti is a unique place where the Guest is the most important person; we strive to find an individual approach to each person.” Irina advises everybody to adhere to the day and nutrition regimen according to the recommendations of Ayurveda, then “everything in life will be better and easier.”

  • Olga Gurina

    Olga Gurina

    Olga Gurina is an administrator. Olga has been with Shanti from the very beginning. She sees her mission in helping people to move away from the bustle and hustle of everyday life and to feel the atmosphere of peace and serenity. Olga always follows her own attitude: all the troubles are left behind, and she does her best to make the guests of the center forget about all their troubles and problems and to feel refreshed. She believes that everything is in our hands; nature is so organized that we can cope with everything on our own if we listen to ourselves. “Take care of your health to be prosperous and happy.”

  • Galina Lobacheva

    Galina Lobacheva

    Galina Lobacheva is an administrator. She arrived in India for the first time in 2011 and since then her life has been closely linked with Indian culture, religion and Ayurveda. Recently, Galina was initiated into the tradition of Himalayan yoga from the teacher Pylot Babaji. Her belief in miracles brought her to Shanti. “There is a small miracle in our Ayurvedic center every day. Just look at the faces of guests who go out after the procedure; they are peaceful, beautiful, happy people, with a desire to live and create.” Galina is engaged in yoga, likes to meet the dawn by the sea, practices Reiki (has a second degree).

  • Elizaveta Kalashnikova

    Elizaveta Kalashnikova

    Elizaveta Kalashnikova is an administrator. For a long time, Elizaveta worked as an administrator in a fitness club where people exercise to have a beautiful and healthy body. After her trip to India, Lisa understood that beauty of the soul and harmony in a person’s heart are of no less importance. So she found Shanti, a place with a complex approach to working with the body, calming the mind and filling the heart. This is what Elizaveta says, “Shanti is peace and tranquility. Ayurveda is the source of health. Ancient knowledge helps us to harmonize the mind and body. Information is open to all those who search a true path to healing and strive for a long and happy life. Life is a miracle! Let's treasure it together, and Shanti will help us.”

  • Irina Khachaturyan

    Irina Khachaturyan

    Irina Khachaturyan is an administrator. She has a law degree and a seven-year experience as a lawyer. However, India has always attracted her with its ancient traditions and knowledge. As a result, she started to seek her destiny and radically changed her life. While training to be a yoga instructor at the courses at the Ukrainian Yoga Federation, she learned about Shanti. “I was impressed by the people who work in the Ayurvedic center; I fell in love with the atmosphere of Shanti and stayed here to work. Now I successfully combine administrative work and teaching yoga, share my love with people I meet in my life journey.” Irina is fond of needlework, embroidering, making ornaments and soap making using Ayurvedic recipes. “Shanti for me is inspiration and freedom, an opportunity to express myself. It is a family based on love, care and respect for one another. Our guests feel this special atmosphere of Shanti, as a result, they are comfortable and safe in our space.”

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