It strengthens hips and leg muscles, opens hip joints, working the lower spine area.

Description: From a standing position squat down, keeping your back straight and heels on the floor. Knees and feet wide apart, feet pressed to the floor. Keep the throat lock. If you cannot press the heels to the floor, put a blanket under your feet; if it is difficult to keep your back perpendicular to the floor, lean on the wall. Arms stretched forward, parallel to the floor at the chest level, palms down. Eyes closed and focused on the point between the eyebrows and or the tip of your nose. v

Breathing: Breathe through your nose with a calm slow breathing or breath of fire (active shallow breathing without pauses). Through your feet and hands feel the connection with the Earth, unite with the state of grounding, calmness and confidence.

Execution time: 3-5 minutes. In the end, take a deep breath, hold it for 10-15 seconds, do the root lock, exhale and relax. Slowly go to an easy pose, lower your hands on your knees and spend a few minutes in meditation, watching the effect of the practice and your internal state.

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