• First chakra:

    Basic issues: grounding, survival, safety, habits, self-acceptance. It is located at the base of the spine in the perineal area.

    Organ / gland: excretory organs - colon, anus.

    Color: Red.

    Element: Earth.

    Sense organ: smell ...

  • Meditation

    The meditation removes any fears and limitations on the way to prosperity, opens the flow of financial well-being and the emerald energy of the heart chakra.

    A lot of people speak about an incredible increase in income after ...

  • It strengthens hips and leg muscles, opens hip joints, working the lower spine area.

    Description: From a standing position squat down, keeping your back straight and heels on the floor. Knees and feet wide apart, feet pressed to ...

  • Meditation

    This meditation is particularly effective for the treatment of stressful relationships, of the past problems in the family and unresolved emotional conflicts.

    Description: Sit on a chair or in an Easy Pose with a straight spine. Place the ...

  • Meditation

    Gur Prasad means “gift of the Guru” or “divine gift”. This quiet and peaceful meditation attracts needed benefits and blessings into our life.

    Description: Sit with your back straight in a comfortable posture to meditate. Keep your hands ...

  • Meditation

    This meditation helps you to bless yourself in the moments when we especially need support, love and healing.

    Description: Sit with your back straight in a comfortable position for you to meditate. Raise your right arm and bend ...

  • Essence meditation with the mantra

    This meditation connects with our true “I”, the very essence, the light of our Soul. The mantra connects the finite "I" with the infinite, personal to the transpersonal, material with the spiritual. The first "I am" is pronounced with ...

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