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Meditation "Green God"

The meditation removes any fears and limitations on the way to prosperity, opens the flow of financial well-being and the emerald energy of the heart chakra.

A lot of people speak about an incredible increase in income after practicing this meditation for 40 days or more.

Har is the name of the creative and bringing abundance aspects of God. Sometimes this mantra is translated as “Green God.”

Description: Sitting in an easy pose (cross-legged in front of you) with a straight back, touch Mercury bumps under the little fingers with your thumbs. Clench your fists. Keep forearms parallel to the floor at the level of the heart center and hold your fists 2-3 cm apart with palms looking down. Keep your eyes closed and focused on the tip of the nose.

Repeat Har four times aloud and four times in whisper, gently pulling the navel in on each repetition of Har.

Allow the emerald energy of prosperity to fill you. During the practice, it is recommended to use a recording of “Tantric Har” by Simran Kaur.

Execution time: 11 - 31 минут.

At the end of the meditation, take a deep breath, hold it and tighten your entire body, pulling up the spine for 10-20 seconds, relax. Lower your hands on your knees and spend a few minutes in meditation, watching the effect of the practice and your internal state.

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