Second Chakra:  Enjoyment, sexuality, creativity

Second Chakra: Enjoyment, sexuality, creativity

Basic issues: enjoyment, sexuality, creativity, cordiality, zest for life.

It is located two fingers below the navel.

Organ / Gland: Genitals.

Color: Orange.

Element; water.

Sense organ: taste / mouth

Svadhisthana Chakra, translated from Sanskrit, means “the dwelling place of the self” and it connects us with the flow of life, our creative abilities, enjoyment and sexuality.

At the level of the second chakra we connect with our feelings and desires, we have our own opinion and judgment; we make choices based on personal preferences. However, we are still in the infantile state, following our passion and subjecting the entire world to meet our desires at the expense of others.

When the second chakra is strong and balanced, we are creative and have the ability to enjoy each moment of our lives from simple everyday things: eating, communicating, walking, recreation, work, school, household chores, etc. We express our sexuality is a positive, life-affirming way. Sex for pleasure, not for procreation and security like in the first chakra, is included into our life.

The second chakra gives us an opportunity to accept and enjoy your body, social position, money, to participate in the joyful flow of abundance and prosperity.

When the second chakra is weak, life is boring, tedious and bland. We lose taste for life and become indifferent, lose the ability to enjoy and have fun. At the other extreme is indiscriminate sex, phobias, perversion, urogenital diseases.

Lust is the enemy of the second chakra..

Yoga exercises: Sat Kriya, Frog Kriya, Chair pose, Arrow posture, hip lifts, Butterfly, Cat-Cow, Sufi circle.

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