Meditation for self-affirmation
Meditation for self-affirmation 0Meditation for self-affirmation 1

Meditation for self-affirmation

This meditation is a guide for life; it claims our purity, grace and perfection. It confirms our value and the right to accept gifts of the Universe. This affirmation allows you to hold in consciousness as a guiding thread in our lives.

Description: Sit with your back straight in a comfortable position for meditation. Interlace your fingers in Venus Lock. Women cross their left thumb over the right one; men - have the right thumb above the left. Place Mudra at the heart center, the elbows are relaxed and dropped down. Eyes closed. Monotonously repeat affirmations words and listen very carefully:

Time: 11 minutes.

In the end take a deep breath, hold your breath and tighten every cell of the body in conjunction with the cleanliness. Breathe out. Repeat one more time. Then inhale deeply, exhale and relax. Put your hands on your knees and spend a few minutes in meditation, watching the breath and the natural flow of your internal state.

  • Me Within Me Is the Purity.
  • Me Within Me Is the Reality.
  • Me Within Me Is the Grace.
  • I Am the Master of the Space.
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