"Breath of fire" or "Agni Pranayama"

Breath of Fire is one of the basic breathing techniques used in Kundalini yoga to activate the process of cleansing and healing of the body.

Description: Breath of fire is rapid, rhythmic and continuous breathing through the nose, without pauses between inhaling and exhaling, 2-3 respiratory cycles per second. The length of the inhale is equal to the length of the exhale.

On the exhale, pull your navel and solar plexus towards the spine. Inhaling is automatic due to the relaxation of the abdominal muscles. The chest is relaxed and slightly elevated throughout the breathing time.

Execution: Sit with your back straight in a simple pose or the Rock posture (on your knees and heels). Hands in Gyan Mudra (thumb and index finger together). Eyes closed and the sight is directed at the point between the eyebrows. Start practicing the Breath of fire for 1 to 3 minutes, gradually bringing the running time up to 11 minutes.

In the end, take a deep breath, hold it for 10-15 seconds, do the root lock and relax during the exhalation. Spend a few minutes in meditation, watching the breath and the natural flow of your internal state.

The positive effects of practicing Breath of fire:
It cleans the lungs and the circulatory system of toxins. It increases lung capacity, vitality and physical stamina, strengthens the immune and nervous system, relieves stress. It reduces dependence on smoking and junk food, increases cerebral circulation and awakens focused neutral state of mind. It improves the performance of the whole digestive system due to massage of the internal organs.

Caution: If you feel dizzy during the practice, stop and breathe quietly. Women do not practice the Breath of fire during pregnancy and the menstrual cycle. You must be careful with the Breath of fire if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, previous stroke, ulcer, or epilepsy.

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