• Second Chakra:  Enjoyment, sexuality, creativity

    Basic issues: enjoyment, sexuality, creativity, cordiality, zest for life.

    It is located two fingers below the navel.

    Organ / Gland: Genitals.

    Color: Orange.

    Element; water.

    Sense organ: taste / mouth

    Svadhisthana Chakra, ...

  • Breath of Fire is one of the basic breathing techniques used in Kundalini yoga to activate the process of cleansing and healing of the body.

    Description: Breath of fire is rapid, rhythmic and continuous breathing through the nose, ...

  • Meditation

    This meditation is very good in helping us to get rid of haunting negative thoughts and fears and removing obstacles in our way. Meditation is not recommended for a long-lasting period.

    Description: Sit with your back straight in ...

  • Meditation for self-affirmation

    This meditation is a guide for life; it claims our purity, grace and perfection. It confirms our value and the right to accept gifts of the Universe. This affirmation allows you to hold in consciousness as a guiding thread ...

  • Sat Kriya strengthens sexual and reproductive systems and stimulates the natural flow of sexual energy. It eliminates sexual phobias. It allows you to control excessive sexual impulses and redirect sexual energy into creative and recreational activities of the body.

  • Kriya to reveal your creativity

    This exercise will help you look beautiful and young, relieve stress and fatigue.

    Description: Sit in a comfortable meditation posture with a straight back. Hands bent at the elbows, elbows lowered, forearms pointing up. Thumbs pinch the little ...

  • Kriya to reveal your creativity (part 2)

    This exercise can completely change your lifestyle as it activates the work of the heart chakra. It is particularly beneficial for the heart.

    Description: Sit in a comfortable meditation posture with a straight back. Put your thumb on ...

  • Kriya to reveal your creativity (part 3)

    There is no better adjustment for the body than this exercise. It works with sexual organs, which gives you sensuality to be creative. It can also give you ability to experience your true essence.

    Description: Sit in a ...

  • Frog Kryia

    Frog Kriya is a powerful effective exercise that can be part of a complex or performed separately.

    It increases the amount of energy, levels the hormonal balance, accumulates and balances sexual energy, strengthens blood circulation and nervous system, ...

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