Ayurveda Specialist’s Consultation
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Ayurveda Specialist’s Consultation

1 h 30 min
Ayurvedic specialist will figure out your inborn constitution (prakriti) and determine the state at the moment (vikriti). With this knowledge you will have the key to your health.
Information about your weak and strong points will always help to prevent illness, you will just have to take preventive measures when needed. Total examination with Veda Pulse device based on the heart rhythm analysis allows to evaluate the work of separate organs and systems and the state of the whole body. Besides, you will find out your stress level and how much your physical condition corresponds to your age.
Based on the diagnostic results, individual recommendations will precisely match your needs as to harmonization of your body, mind and spirit through five senses, nutrition, daily routine, treatments and herbal remedies necessary for you.
400 UAH
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