Ratna Abhyanga - Hot Stone Massage
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Ratna Abhyanga - Hot Stone Massage

1 h 30 min
Ratna Abhyanga Ayurvedic massage is performed with hot semi-precious stones and warm oil.
This technique is absolutely unique due to the semi-precious stones. For Ratna Abhyanga we use jasper, lapis lazuli, nephritis, agate, tiger eye, mountain quartz, onyx, carnelian and other semi-precious crystals from different regions of India.
You will feel beneficial effect of each stone.
Hot stone massage revitalizes the whole body, eliminates muscle tension and pain completely, relieves stress and neutralizes negative energy and helps speed up metabolic processes.
Natural oils, based on Ayurvedic recipes, complement and enhance the massage effect. During the ritual the therapist doesn’t just put the stones on the body, but also softly rubs every muscle with heated stones and natural oils.
Besides a nice massage you will feel pleasant deep warmth.
1300 UAH
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