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1 h 30 min
Sacral drawings on the body with natural henna come from the Indian ritual tradition.
Mehendi is a deep spiritual healing practice. During the session, Mehendi master works with the client's request in order to embody his desired inner state, a dream, an idea in the form of Mehendi. The drawing is always unique, like the client and his request. This technique excludes pattern or stencil drawing; it’s not just a temporary tattoo.
For Mehendi ritual we use a mix of natural henna and essential oils, especially prepared for the treatment. It minimizes allergic reaction possibility and even has a healing effect on the skin. In ancient Indian medicine henna was used as the main component in healing skin diseases.
Mehendi session begins with the master meeting the client and the warm process of getting in the same mood. Firstly, we determine the request, as well as the place on the body where the drawing should appear. This is how Mehendi finds itself. Sometimes the client's original ideas about the place of drawing can change during the spiritual preparation. Before we start we will offer you a gentle scrub in the area of the future drawing.
Mehendi drawing gets born in the energy flow of the master and the client, becoming unique and unrepeatable.
The drawing process of one zone on the body takes from 40 minutes to 1 hour, then henna has to dry, giving all healing and coloring properties to the skin. It takes twice as long to get the drawing on the belly of a pregnant woman.
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