Individual therapy
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Individual therapy

1 h 30 min
A friendly conversation with our specialist will begin with a cup of tea in warm atmosphere, and you can count on full attention to your persona.
Identifying the issues that concern you comes first, then the practical part of the therapy begins. One of the proposed techniques is to set contact with the subconscious. This method allows to recognize the true causes of past events that affect the present in a negative way. You will have to face your fears and be ready to work hard for your personal development.
The therapist will accompany you all the way through this practice. She possesses love, patience and experience to make the process as easy as possible in order to help you feel real therapeutic effect.
Individual therapy will be useful for people with health problems, family complexity, financial troubles and personal life problems, as well as for those who wonder: “Who am I? Where shall I go?”
Individual therapy corresponds to the corporative ethics of our Ayurvedic center, it is confidential.
550 UAH
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