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Vitality Aroma Bath

A great way to restore your health is an aromatherapy bath as a combination of two natural forces – water and essential oils.
An aromatherapy bath is one of the most effective forms of health improvement.
Essential oils are the strongest bioactive substances due to numerous natural chemical compounds. Water and multi-component essential oil bouquets, especially prepared for the treatment, affect the body in two ways, through the skin and breathing.
Essential oils work subtly yet effectively. Entering the bronchi, lungs, bloodstream and lymphatic system natural molecules have versatile effect on the body including the central nervous system, blood circulation, organs, functions etc.
An aromatherapy bath helps tone, invigorate and relax the body, relieve chronic pain and post-traumatic syndrome in the musculoskeletal system, improve reproductive health, cleanse the body of toxins and enhance its protective functions, remove stress and anxiety.
Aroma Bath will bring you a great pleasure and strengthen your health in general.
Vitality Aroma Bath has a restorative, anti-cold, tonic, anti-inflammatory, invigorating, detoxifying, deodorizing effect.
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