The ancient Indian traditions of Ayurveda and ayurvedic massage that count thousands years of history - all that you can feel it in Odessa now, in the "Shanti" spa.
Inside, all details are planned for maximum relaxation and comfort: a unique one-cient policy guarantees an individual approach to our clients.
Try a healthy Indian oil massage. This anti-stress therapy provides a deep physical and mental relaxation, improves sleep, helps to clean the body from toxines and to recovery. Garshana massage deeply cleanses the skin, brings lightness to it and gives a burst of energy. Body weight reducing, smoothness and elasticity of the skin, cleansing of toxins, metabolism improving - these are few of all the beneficial effects that you will get by ayurvedic treatments at "Shanti".
Discover our services on the website or contact our professionals to get advice about the procedures or to order the service or buy ayurvedic remedies, cosmetics and perfumes.

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