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The uniqueness of the Tulsi Original Tea is that it is composed of three types of Tulsi: Rama, Krishna and Vana. All plants are grown in according to the highest standards in the small traditional farms. They are dried at low temperatures, are mixed and packed in modern hygienic equipment, as required, ensuring maximum freshness, flavor and value.

The basis of this tea is Holy Basil (Holy Basil), which is famous for its wonderful tonic, rejuvenating and relaxation properties. Tulsi is one of the most sacred plants in India and is considered a healing balm for body, mind and soul. It opens the heart and mind, gives energy of love and devotion, strengthens faith, compassion and clarity of mind. It is believed that
Holy basil gives man divine protection, clearing his aura and strengthening the immune system.
Ingredients: Rama Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum), Krishna Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum), Van Tulsi (Ocimum gratissimum).
100% organic. Only eco-friendly components. Decaffeinated.
Manufacturer: Organic India.
25 bags of 2 g
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