India inspired us to create ayurvedic cosmetics line. Unusual spirit of this country, which permeates the air in the cities, on the streets and in homes gives rise to an incredible feeling of touch to the eternity. Wisdom and efficiency of the ayurvedic postulates are thousands of years old. For centuries, ayurvedic practitioners have used the power of spices and herbs for the treatment of various disorders of human organs and systems. Launching a line of  ayurveda cosmetics, we want to give you a chance to touch the ancient Vedic science.

For the production of the Ayurveda cosmetics line, we used 100% natural ingredients, collected on organically pure lands. Formulation and production technology standards are met, according to the standards of the leader in the sphere of standardization of organic cosmetics, a French company Ecocert, which provides control over the production and processing of raw materials, and the compliance with the standards of production and packaging of cosmetics. Packing material for our cosmetics is harmless and can be recycled many times; moreover, it prevents cosmetics from the access of air and bacteria.
The goal of the Ayurveda line is complex skin care, which enables achieving recovery by restoring balance and harmony.
Each product should be used in accordance with the dominant dosha: Vata, Pitta, Kapha. The series Tridosha includes universal products corresponding to the diagnostics results.

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