Biotique is synonymous with a serious skin care and hair care based on the principles of Ayurveda. This cosmetic has incorporated a number of traditions developed by ancient sages and passing from generation to generation. These sages, known as the Rishi, discovered that plant extracts produce a stunning effect on the skin and hair. They realized that for the survival, humans must live in harmony with nature. They learned how to benefit from the therapeutic powers of nature (Sun heat, light, air, water, minerals, and herbal substances) to bring human health to the ideal state and longevity.

Origin of the brand

A founder of the brand Vinita Jane, one of the most influential and respected entrepreneurs of our time, spent her childhood amid the lush greenery of her father's tea estates in Assam and Darjeeling where she imbibed the ancient Science of Ayurveda. After graduating from Delhi University, Vinita studied biotechnology in Switzerland.  She used her deep knowledge and interest in bio science to start Biotique and became a pioneer in the new era of powerful organic beauty care, which uses the time-tested Ayurvedic therapy blended with contemporary science and beauty care requirements. Today, Vinita Jane manages a team of qualified Ayurvedic doctors, scientists and Swiss cosmetologists, who invent, produce and pack all Biotique products. Ayurvedic physicians practice in many aspects of natural medicine and health care learning from nature. As a result, there appear highly effective products for skin care and hair care, which preserve health, beauty and well-being like never before.
Welcome to the world of the proud heritage of Biotique, a company that continues to produce unsurpassed ethical products for life.
Products Biotique do not cover problems; they eliminate them, using 100% natural botanical ingredients. Without chemicals. Without preservatives. Without testing on animals. Even the packaging is environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

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