• Cleansing Gel for Face Wash - Tridosha Kumari Japa

    Cleansing Gel for Face Wash - Tridosha Kumari Japa

    825 UAH
  • Face Tonic - Kapha Limpaka

    Face Tonic - Kapha Limpaka

    690 UAH
  • Face Tonic - Vata Shati

    Face Tonic - Vata Shati

    690 UAH
  • Tongue Scraper

    Tongue Scraper

    55 UAH
  • Night Cream Kapha Methi - S.Tvardovska

    Night Cream Kapha Methi - S.Tvardovska

    1700 UAH
  • Sesame Oil - Dhara

    Sesame Oil - Dhara

    135 UAH
  • Ashwagandha


    135 UAH
  • Shatavari - Goodearth

    Shatavari - Goodearth

    135 UAH
  • Gokshura - Goodearth

    Gokshura - Goodearth

    100 UAH
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Online Store of ayurvedic products "Shanti" offers the variety of goods, intended to bring health, wellness and recovery. We offer only organic, eco-friendly goods.
In Shanti you can buy such ayurvedic produvts as: organic cosmetics for the body (body lotions, sun lotion, deodorant), face cosmetics (day cream or night cream, washing gel, tonic, etc.) or hair cosmetics (shampoo); Ayurvedic remedies and medicines for cleansing and healing the body (Chyawanprash, Triphala, syrups), herbal teas and massage oils, natural Indian incense sticks. A perfect gift for the loved ones will be a gift certificate for any amount or any procedure in Shanti Spa: Indian massage, oil massage, or any set of goods or services. 

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